Cloud Developer Demo Walkthrough

Cloud Developer Demo Walkthrough

The walkthrough consists of running a simple demo application, with no technical requirements. This workflow demonstrates the following value propositions Cloud Developers:

  •  “Always Best Price”: one place to find the best deal on computing resources
  • Easier workflow: a dedicated easy-to-use front-end for choosing computing resource providers before executing the task, followed by the choice to download the computational result
  • “No Vendor Lock-in” – one single platform, with access to a variety of cloud computing providers. There is no need to be registered with any single vendor, everything can be found on iExec.  
  •  Easier and familiar authentication: it is possible to login to iExec with a Google account
  • Easy funds management: the walkthrough offers free credits to spend on computing power and test iExec. Prices will be labeled in labeled in fiat currency rather than crypto

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