Introducing The Content Creator Demo DApp Template for Developers


iExec has released a demo application for developers to use as a template for DApps using the iExec DataProtector developer tool, taking the form of a decentralized platform for creators to monetize their work via RLC tokens.

With the iExec DataProtector dev tool and the introduction of the DataProtectorSharing module, Web3 developers can build DApps that empower users with full data ownership management, secure data sharing, and seamless monetization features, via easy-to-use SDKs. To demonstrate these capabilities, and to give an example of how the new DataProtector functions are used with a DApp, we’ve released the ‘Content Creator’ demo app. Developers can select the dev mode within the app to see what SDK functions are used for specific application features, making the Content Creator demo a perfect template for developers discovering the iExec DataProtector dev tool.

Content Creator Demo App, a template built with iExec DataProtector ‘Monetize Version’ dev tool

Using new functions of the dev tool’s DataProtectorSharing module, Content Creator is a demo DApp that serves as a platform for content creators to share their work within a protected environment on a secure platform and choose how to monetize their content while retaining its value and ownership. This includes features such as renting access to other users for a set period and earning RLC tokens, securely selling the content by completely transferring its ownership, or offering subscription bundles to maintain the ownership of their content and have a steady earning of RLC tokens.

In the Content Creator use case, the DataProtectorSharing module not only empowers content creators with full control over their content ownership but also offers them the flexibility to choose between different monetization strategies, allowing users to select the best option that suits their needs. Delving into more details, they are provided with a DApp that empowers them with features like:

  • Encryption: Creators can encrypt their content, ensuring that it remains secure and accessible only to authorized users.
  • Smart Contracts for transactions: Smart contracts automate the monetization process, whether through renting, selling, or subscriptions, ensuring creators are compensated fairly and promptly.
  • Flexible sharing options: The Content Creator Demo App gives creators control over how their content is distributed and monetized.
  • Data ownership and blockchain integration: Ownership of digital assets is securely recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and traceability.

Want to see how it works? Try the Content Creator Demo App here.

Testing it out as an end-user, you can:

  1. Visit the app, and set up a profile by connecting your wallet. Your identity and digital assets will be protected and securely linked to the account.
  2. Upload content to your page. The DataProtector Sharing module encrypts and secures your digital assets, allowing access only to authorized users.
  3. Choose the best monetization option for each content and earn iExec RLC tokens.

Simplify Secure Data Sharing and Monetization in Your DApps

The iExec DataProtector dev tool streamlines data monetization, transfer, and protection. The new DataProtector Sharing module enhances the original functionalities by introducing secure sharing, renting, selling, and subscription bundles, all managed by a smart contract. This ensures effortless data distribution and monetization without needing the consumer’s Ethereum address or signing a transaction at the moment of distribution. All transactions are facilitated using the iExec RLC token, ensuring secure and transparent operations.

The Content Creator Demo App is an ideal template for developers to see these features in action. It demonstrates how to use the upgraded DataProtector dev tool in a real-world scenario, showing how each new DataProtectoSharing function is used. It empowers developers to integrate advanced data control and monetization features into their DApps.

Learn more about the upgraded DataProtector dec tool, dubbed the ‘Monetize Version’:

Introducing DataProtector ‘The Monetize Version’ — Dev Tool Upgrade

Empower Your Data. Own It, Share It, Monetize It

Start building with DataProtector ‘Monetize Version’ today! Empower your data like never before: Own it. Share it. Monetize it.

See the DataProtector in action, and test out the Content Creator demo application:


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