iExec Completes Whitepaper and Presents New Adoption Roadmap

iExec Completes Whitepaper and Presents New Adoption Roadmap

On 22 October 2020, iExec has released a video marking the milestone of the completion of the 2016 roadmap. The video covers recent business developments and outlines how iExec will be moving forward, with the future roadmap being adoption-driven.

When iExec and the concept of off-chain decentralized computing was imagined four years ago, it was impossible to forecast how blockchain technology and ecosystem would evolve over the years. Certain emerging technologies such as trusted computing were almost unknown at the time. iExec was able to innovate in some cases even additionally were not initially outlined in the original whitepaper (such as releasing the first full ‘trusted compute’ solution for blockchain with Intel). The world’s first decentralized marketplace for computing resources was successfully delivered and during this time, iExec has evolved from a start-up idea to a fully-fledged enterprise.

iExec maintains its vision that decentralized Cloud computing is the best way to provide enterprises with secure and affordable computing resources. Having proven to be the leader in decentralized computing as well as confidential computing.

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