iExec Demonstrates Confidential Computing Application for Enterprise (Devcon5)

iExec Demonstrates Confidential Computing Application for Enterprise (Devcon5)

To prove that these specs have moved from paper exercises to implementation, five EEA members — ConsenSys (Pegasys and Kaleido), Envision Blockchain, iExec, Intel, and Microsoft — have joined forces to build a working prototype application that complies with EEA Trusted Compute Specification.

This application is an EEA trusted reward token to incentivize EEA membership to participate more in EEA activities. It will be demonstrated for the first time on October 9 in Osaka, Japan, at Devcon 5, the Ethereum Foundation’s flagship developer conference.

The achieved result is a TTF (Token Taxonomy Framework) compliant application running in Besu, an enterprise Ethereum client compliant with the latest EEA Client Specification, and hosted on an off-chain EEA-compliant Trusted Compute pool. This pool is deployed by iExec on a Microsoft Azure SGX-enabled virtual machine.

Driven by the latest EEA specification work and the Mainnet Initiative, this use case illustrates the meaningful deployments of enterprise Ethereum applications and the active contributing role played by iExec in the ecosystem.

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