PoCo #5 — Open decentralized brokering on the iExec platform

PoCo Series #05

The PoCo series of articles discusses the Proof-of-Contribution protocol developed by iExec.

iExec V2, released May 2018, introduced the Marketplace. The iExec Marketplace is composed of both on-chain and off-chain entities that allow anyone within the iExec ecosystem to trade cloud computing resources power, buying and selling computing power like a commodity. While ‘PoCo’ is the consensus protocol that governs the execution of jobs, it is the marketplace that enables trading, locking required ‘stake’ and initiates jobs. The marketplace and PoCo are two complementary elements that will evolve independently.

While the PoCo future evolutions will answer the need for new “technical” features, the development of the marketplace is motivated by the need for actors to easily and efficiently trade computing power, applications and datasets.

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