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Dapp of the Week #06

A collaboration was made between iExec and the ShanghaiTech University, specifically the ‘SHIFT’ (Shanghai Institute of Fog Computing Technology) laboratory after discussions between Haiwu He (iExec co-founder), Zhang Lei (iExec Security Director) and Zhou Mingtuo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

For now, the primary function performed by the robots at ShanghaiTech is ‘SLAM’, which stands for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping. Simply put, this involves the robot using its sensors to gather details on its exact position in a space before making calculations with the gathered data to generate a detailed map of the environment.

This map can be used for future robots to navigate around the environment more efficiently and avoid obstacles. The SLAM labs imagine offering this hardware and calculation as a service, providing the final map as the end product. We can imagine multiple different use cases for such mapping, anything from automated drones to architects or landscape explorers…


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