iExec and TalentLayer to Showcase Integration Story at EthLisbon 2023 with $12k of bounty rewards

iExec is gearing up for a major presence at ETHLisbon, the largest Ethereum hackathon in Europe, providing an excellent opportunity for developers and blockchain enthusiasts to explore iExec’s latest developer tools.

In collaboration with TalentLayer, a recent adopter of the iExec tech stack, we are sponsoring an exciting bounty for developers, with a substantial $12,000 up for grabs!

  • 1st Prize ?$6000 in RLC
  • 2nd Prize?$4000 in RLC
  • 3rd Prize?$2000 in RLC

To be eligible for one of these prizes, simply integrate iExec and TalentLayer tools into your applications — it couldn’t be more simple.

Before more detailed description of the bounties are given, developers are encouraged to prepare by familiarizing themselves with iExec and TalentLayer tools before the hackathon. Here’s where to start:

Learn about iExec’s tools:

iExec’s developer tools offer a groundbreaking solution for maintaining effective communication while upholding user data integrity. These tools include the iExec DataProtector, ensuring privacy preservation through Confidential Computing and blockchain, and iExec Web3Mail, enabling secure and anonymous notifications for registered Ethereum account users

1. iExec DataProtector

iExec DataProtector is a data permissioning stack designed to build solutions that hide or reveal data based on configurable parameters, empowering users with more control over their data. It utilizes Confidential Computing.

2. iExec Web3Mail

Web3Mail is an anonymous email layer built with DataProtector. It allows traditional emails to be sent with the sender only knowing the wallet address of the user. Send emails to registered ehtereum address holders, without their email address data ever being revealed:

Learn about TalentLayer tech stack:

TalentLayer is an on-chain open graph infrastructure that powers service marketplace applications; where many applications can leverage one shared data and transaction layer. It can be used to build platforms ranging from decentralized ride-sharing to freelance marketplaces. Check out the docs:

TalentLayer’s StarterKit serves as an excellent starting point for any TalentLayer-based marketplace application:

Talentlayer Adopting iExec’s Developer Tools for Privacy-Enhanced Marketing:

TalentLayer, known for its cutting-edge innovations in the hiring tech sector, recently chose to integrate iExec’s game-changing Web3 developer tools for Privacy-Enhanced Marketing (PEM).

Read more about it here: TalentLayer integrates iExec’s Dev Tools for Privacy-Enhanced Marketing

Meet the team at ETHLisbon!

At the event, iExec is hosting a workshop to guide participants through the practical use of tools such as iExec DataProtector and iExec Web3Mail. This hands-on session provides developers with valuable insights and direct interaction with the iExec team. TalentLayer will also present their tools and share their experience using the iExec.

“Additionally, iExec will have a booth offering on-the-spot technical support and an opportunity to meet the team in person. Attendees can also grab some of the best web3 goodies and pick up iExec swag, creating a vibrant space for learning, collaboration, and community engagement!

iExec and TalentLayer to Showcase Integration Story at EthLisbon 2023 with $12k of bounty rewards

See you there!

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