iExec Decentralized Oracle – How does it work?

iExec Decentralized Oracle - How does it work?

iExec dOracle allows you to create your own Oracle, with custom logic, while benefiting from the security guarantees of the whole iExec platform.

  • It is secure. You can set the desired level of trust for your dOracle execution. The conjunction of random sampling and iExec’s built-in incentive and reputation systems makes your dOracle highly secured.

  • It is easy-to-use. It relies on 2 years of research and development to make the iExec platform simple and developer friendly. Creating your own personalized Decentralized Oracle only takes a simple dockerized application and a few lines of Solidity!

  • It is cheap. It does not rely on bribing or incentivizing honest behavior, only on random sampling and a powerful reputation system to make attack impractical.

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